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There is a great need for Christian children’s homes and schools in North India.  Since most people in India are either Hindu or Muslim, children have to be sent to Central and Southern India for Christian schooling.  This creates a hardship not only for the parents, but also for the children.  It is financially expensive to send children hundreds of miles away for school and it creates emotional stress for all involved.

The NICCE Foundation’s mission is to financially assist communities with constructing and operating Christian children’s homes and schools so children can be provided for and educated locally.  Activities like this will promote the betterment of children in North India and help improve the lives of the needy, poor, and underprivileged in India by providing a Christian education and religious awareness.

Christian children’s homes and schools are based on Christian beliefs and values.  Children are taught the importance of prayer and devotion.  The children gather together at least once a day in order to read the Bible and worship.  They are counseled in the ways of Christ and given an opportunity at one-on-one time with Christian adults and mentors.  It’s important that these children are raised in a Christian manner, learning how to share their faith daily so that they can truly make an impact as Godly adults in a secular world.  The hope of thie NICCE Foundation is that every child will take what he/she has learned and use their love of the Lord to fulfill their God-given potential.

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