March 2013 Update - Pictures, Mission Trip Info, and more! - posted on Sat 3/2/13

We have scheduled our annual missions trip for July 19-29. We'll be putting on a 5-day Vacation Bible School program for the children of The Blessings School and surrounding villages. We will also be working in the villages on a community project and a group of medical volunteers will be performing basic check-ups for the locals. Please consider joining us on this trip or committing to support this mission through prayer. 

In addition to VBS volunteers, we are also looking for qualified medical personnel interested in coming on this trip to help offer check-ups for the community. While this trip is open to all, keep in mind that we will be spending our time in a rural village of India where running water and electricity are minimal. Conditions are ideal for those willing to experience an outdoor international adventure! Please contact Laura at ltuteral@alumni.iu.edu if you would like more information!


COST: Approximately $3,000

Round-trip plane tickets approx $1,500-$2,000

Passport issue costs around $100

Visa issue costs around $120 by mail

Shots costs around $500

Food for the trip is estimated to be around $100


ALSO: Check out the new March construction photos under the section for Children's Home pictures!