Building in Yeasom Village: land has been donated and construction has started! - posted on Wed 11/11/09

The NICCE Foundation is currently involved in, and will for the next couple of years be assisting financially in the construction of a Christian children’s home, school, and associated buildings.  The location of the buildings is in Yeasom Village in the state of Manipur, India.  This is a small, remote village and a poverty stricken area housing individuals with little means to support themselves.

The Foundation is working through the local village community and the main point of contact and on-site supervisor is Jamishon S.P., who is from Manipur, India.  He has been associated with another children’s home in Southern India for several years and worked with Laura Tuteral (NICCE Foundation President and founder) and Kimberly Petersen (NICCE Foundation Vice-President) while they were in India as a Venturer missionary for the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.  The property in Yeasom Village has already been donated by the local community and construction is in its early phases and will take approximately two years to complete.

Once the NICCE Foundation becomes more mature and funds become more abundant, other similar projects will be taken on.

Land donated by Yeasom Village for the construction of the children's home and school. 


Land dedication rock and two of the children who plan to attend the school when it is finished.


Land dedication ceremony led by the Village Pastor.


Land dedication ceremony.


Board of Trustees (left to right): Pator Shangam, Chairman Shinglai Phungrushang, President Jamishon SP, Headman SP Ayo, Secretary Makanmi


Partial view of Yeasom Village.