Our Mission

The North India Christian Children’s Education (NICCE) Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes.  We are dedicated to promoting the betterment of children in Northern India through education, religious awareness, housing assistance, and service opportunities.  Our main purpose is to assist in the construction and operation of children’s homes, schools, and the buildings associated with them through financial aid, informational materials, and encouragement.  Children’s homes and schools associated with the NICCE Foundation are based on Christian morals and standards according to the on-site supervisor.  Overall, the values of this foundation are based on the verse Mathew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  

The NICCE Foundation was started after the President and Vice President of the corporation, Laura Tuteral and Kim Petersen, travelled to India for 8 months as Venturer Missionaries in the fall of 2008.  Laura and Kim lived at the India Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) in Kottayam, Kerala.  They spent their afternoons at the Precious Children’s Home with 140 children from all parts of India.  These children were underprivileged and unable to receive education outside of the Children’s Home.  Around 25 of these children were from Yeasom Village in Manipur, North India and travelled more than 7 days away from their families in order to be educated at the Precious Children’s Home in Southern India.  Kim and Laura spent time getting to know these children and came to understand how much they suffered in order to receive education.  They also got to know Jamishon S.P., a seminary student at IBTS and the legal guardian of all the Manipur Children at the Precious Children’s Home.  Jamishon is from Yeasom Village and travels with the children each year in order for them to receive education.  He has felt called by God to open a Christian children’s home and school in his village so that all of the Manipur children can be educated while remaining near their families.  Laura and Kim recognized this need and were inspired to partner with Jamishon in this mission.  Since coming back to the US in April 2009, they have worked to legitimize this mission and make others aware of the educational need in Manipur.  After completing the school in Yeasom Village, the NICCE Foundation plans to continue supporting the construction of buildings for the purpose of Christian education in North India. 


Check out Laura's blog from her time in India!  http://lauratuteral.blogspot.com/


Laura and Kim with Kimshung, one of the Manipur children living at the Precious Children's Home.



All 140 children in front of the Precious Children's Home and a group from the US who came to put on a week of Vacation Bible School.



Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who is the NICCE Foundation working with in India?
    We are working directly with the President and board members of the North East India Children’s Ministry (NEICM), an all-volunteer run Christian missions board set up to build schools and children’s homes in the rural villages of North East India.
  2. Does the children’s home and school need the support of the Indian government?
    The school does need to be registered with the Indian government, however the buildings must be complete and ready to open for the school year before seeking government approval. The mission is not receiving government funding.
  3. Will the government be helping the school financially?
    At this point, we do not foresee the school being assisted financially by the Indian government in any way.
  4. Who is paying for the children’s education?
    That is where you come in! Since the NEICM is not receiving financial assistance from the government, it is completely up to the NICCE Foundation to fund the building of the children’s home and school in Yeasom Village. We need your help to educate and house the children of the North East!
  5. Are the children getting medical attention (vaccines, medicine, etc.)?
    The children are the first and most important priority to everyone involved in this mission. Their health and safety is always at the forefront of any decision made. They will be well taken care of and every measure will be taken in order to ensure that they are safe and healthy children.
  6. Is the board of NEICM getting paid or are they volunteers?
    Like the NICCE Foundation board of directors, the NEICM is an all-volunteer run missions board. They are not profiting from the building of this children’s home and school. They are working as a team to meet the needs of Yeasom village and its children.
  7. What does my money go towards?
    Your donation goes dircetly towards building and running the children's homes and schools that we are working with in North East India.  The NICCE Foundation sends monthly wire transfers to the NEIC Ministry in order to continue construction on the children's home and school in Yeasom Village.  Please check out the pictures and building plans under our Updates section.